Mantas is a young and talented magician. His performances have been enjoyed by the audiences of every type both on the national and on the international level. Mantas has been invited to numerous TV programmes and has given dozens of interviews to the press.

Original ideas and effective performance of conjuring tricks helped Mantas establish himself as a unique performer as well as win several international championships. Representing Lithuania, he makes its name famous in the field of the art of magic. Mantas has learned first hand from working professionals how to capture and enthral diverse audiences. Therefore, his creative ideas and talent won recognition not only among spectators of different countries, but also among the masters in the field.

Mantas cooperates with famous event organising companies, performing magic for people of all ages and from all walks of life, for advertising campaigns, corporate and private parties. Knowledge of the art of illusion and experience on the stage allows him to offer tailor-made entertainment for every occasion. The magic created by Mantas’ hands can take place on the largest stages or right on a spectator’s palm. Mantas offers the finest in quality magic entertainment that will make any event an unforgettable experience!

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