The goal of each big celebration is to amaze and admire its participants. However, those planning a special event should also take care of a special team, and especially – a charismatic host.

Have you ever thought that it is not necessary to walk the old path and hand over the steering wheel of an event to a host who tells the same, many times heard jokes? If you are looking for uniqueness, invite an experienced illusionist to host the event, who will not only surprise you with original and effective tricks, but will also subtly host the whole celebration.

The versatile program and experience on stage allows me to offer a performance suitable for every event – whether it is your private celebration or a corporate party. In my festive programs, I combine magic tricks, pleasant surprises, warm communication and fun situations. I fluently lead the celebrations in English or Russian. Contact me and we will discuss all the details.

A visually beautiful performance, many delighted participants and a pleasant clamour – this is what a successful celebration looks like!

Satisfied customers

I have worked with Mantas at many events and we will definitely work together in the future! Not because he is the safest, but because he is the best! I have a lot of experience organizing events and I know what it means to host an event. When Mantas takes over the helm of the event, there is time for the organizer to enjoy the celebration, as it will be driven without any obstacles, creatively, with a sense of the public, very professional and indescribably aesthetically pleasing. The Great Man does great deeds!

Edita Pilkė, Project Manager / M Capital

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